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Incoming Links for Wrong Domain

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    I’m not sure if this is a bug with WP or just a feed issue, but my incoming links feed on the Dashboard is showing links for a .com.au domain rather than (or more likely as well as) the .com

    I’m using a currently dormant domain for 3.5 RC5 testing not a live site so don’t expect incoming links since the domain isn’t really active. The .com.au is someone else’s active site. I’ve checked the incoming post and it appears to only list the .com.au domain.

    The RSS feed URL is the default and shows the correct domain name with a trailing slash for &q=link:

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  • Can you post the full url in the options table? When loading that URL up manually, does Google’s Blog Search give you results for your site, or the other site that has your domain as a subset of it?



    Sure the full URL is


    Manually loading the URL gives the same links (i.e. the ones for the .com.au site).

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