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  • I’ve created a child-theme on an Appthemes theme, which I want to use in a fresh install of my site on a different domain/host. Most of the child-theme is working fine on the new site/domain.

    The original site has a static front “welcome” page plus a couple of other static pages, but these pages do not appear on the new site, I guess because they’re not included in the child-theme.

    Is there any way to included them in the child-theme – for example can I create a welcome.php file which contains the code for the front page ? If so, how do I then call it in the UI ?

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  • You have to create the pages in your admin area. There’s not a lot of themes or plugins that automatically create the pages for you. When the pages are created you should be able to choose which template that you want to use for it. You should not have to touch any of the PHP files.

    Hi Michael. Thanks for your reply. Do you mean that I should create the static pages in the admin area of WordPress, the theme, or in the child-theme ?

    Will the pages/files that I already created from template pages of the original theme be somewhere in that theme’s directory – if so where ? If I can find them, could I ust copy them into the new install ?

    I’ve turned Firebug on with the static home page selected in Firefox and it’s telling me that the page is at:

    class=”home page page-id-206 page-template-default

    and I can see all the code that’s consistent with what’s on the page. However I can’t find where this code is stored in the admin sections anywhere in the directory tree. Can you give me any pointers ?

    The actual page content (and posts also) are stored in the mySQL DB. The template files used to display the content are ones such as index.php, header.php, page.php, category.php etc. along with the sytlesheet(s).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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