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    I have a client who has a site currently running on an ASP.NET framework. We are in the process of building a WordPress site to replace this. We have run in to issues before in regards to the site running on a dedicated server, most of which have been resolved. The final hurdle we face is setting up a number of contact/application forms they have on their site. The current forms are aspx files. Is our best/easiest course of action to recreate the forms from scratch using a plugin, or is there a way to integrate .aspx files in to a WordPress site? Have tried doing this with iframes but know that’s not an acceptable solution.


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  • Brad


    I am not sure this is possible, does anybody else have any ideas?

    You can have a .Net application running on the same domain as a WordPress site. You can not, however, have a .NET form “inside” a WordPress “page”.

    Also, why would iframes not be an acceptable solution? I mean there are issues and limitations with iframes, but the whole point of an iframe is to allow content from one technology stack coexist with a different technology stack on a single web page.

    Ah yep, that explanation makes sense, thanks.

    I would just be hesitant to rely on iframes as the solution to this problem, because of the limitations involved. Making sure the form’s functionality doesn’t break or exceed the iframe, etc. Especially as the site we are creating is responsive. The aspx file would have to be altered to exclude current styling + layout, and I haven’t any experience working on that specific filetype. I will experiment a little more with the iframe option before I throw in the towel.

    Thanks for your input!

    Hi megignite I have to integrate an ASP.NET application on wordpress website. So I want to know the best solution you have used to achieve your goal. Thanks for your help

    Unfortunately the solution for us was to recreate the contact forms using WordPress’s Contact Form 7. Sorry we couldn’t be more help.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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