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  • Hey all-

    I apologize if this is a simple issue, but my research hasn’t yielded an answer yet. What I want to do is have a WordPress Page that takes it’s content from an HTML file on the filesystem. I want to be able to leave comments on that page as well. I’m using WP 2.0.1. I’ve come up with a few methods, but I haven’t solved the issue yet.

    Method 1: Copy and paste the contents of the HTML file into a WP page
    – cons: You have to use the WP Unformatted plugin to stop wpautop from inserting extraneous line break and paragraph tags. You must copy/paste any time the HTML file changes. You must specify a full path to any images used within that page and to any links.
    – pros: It is POSSIBLE to use WP unformatted plugin. You can select any page template you want and can have

    comments on the pages.

    Method 2: Use the EZStatic plugin and link to my “page” as index.php?static=file.html
    – cons: doesn’t allow you to choose a page template or leave comments, doesn’t allow for the WP unformatted plugin
    – pros: easier maintainance when the HTML files change

    Method 3: Use the EZStatic plugin, create a real WordPress Page, and include the HTML file from that page
    – pros: ?
    – cons: I can’t get it to include anything!

    Method 1 is mostly fine but harder to update. Method 2 is out unless the limitations can be overcome. Method 3 I haven’t gotten to work, so I don’t know if it meets my needs.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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