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    I’m wanting to include a series of images (typically 3) for each section of the form. I’m not sure if this is a valid option with FS Contact Form. Tentatively, this plugin has been the best thing I’ve found so far that suits my purposes – if I can find a way to include demo photos.

    I admit I don’t really understand the field details, is it possible to add up to 3 or 4 images using field details? I need a field type that accepts images.

    Incidentally (but not a priority), I would like the input fields to be limited to 4 spaces and only take number values.

    I would appreciate help.

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  • Sorry, the link I’m working on is here:

    You can put HTML for your images in the field settings tab in the field details, the setting is “HTML before / after field”

    You can also use the regex setting to limit input like you want. The setting is in the field details

    That worked, thank you. Can only get one image to show however. Can you explain the regex setting?

    How to add extra fields

    Validation regex:
    Use a regular expression to validate if form input is in a specific format. Example: If you want numbers in a text field type but do not allow text, use this regex: /^\d+$/
    Can be used for text, textarea, date and password field types.

    Regex fail message:
    Use to customize a message to alert the user when the form fails to validate a regex after post. Example: Please only enter numbers. For use with validation regex only.

    You can use any regular expression
    make sure it begins with forward slash carat and ends with dollar sign forward slash

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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