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    Trying to manage filters of posts by tags via include or exclude. The result I get is that it only pulls the first post of any given tag label.

    [image_wall include_tag=”example” include_pages=”false”]

    Help. I love this plugin, it is EXACTLY what we need but we can’t get it to work unless it’s grabbing all content on site with no filtering. 🙁



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  • Plugin Author Parakoos


    Hi. Can you please give me the URL of your image wall so I can have a look at it? Also, please send me the URL of two posts (with attached images) that should be included in the image wall after the filtering.

    This is a temporarily published page for you.

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    Let me know when you’re done. I’d like to unpublish this when you are. Thank you!

    p.s. I noticed you updated the plugin and I’ve installed it on my end. Still doesn’t work. 🙁

    Plugin Author Parakoos


    Hmm. This is really hard for me to debug without access to the system. Can you create a page with only [image_wall] on it? That way, I can verify that it truly is the filtering that is causing the problem.

    That’s what the first link is. It’s a new page that only has the shortcode on it.

    If there’s something else I can do to help let me know.

    Plugin Author Parakoos



    So the shortcode on that page is [image_wall] then, not [image_wall include_tag=”example” include_pages=”false”]?

    In that case, every image attached to a post or page should be included… Can you go to and verify that your images truly are attached to posts and pages? Check that on the ‘Uploaded to’ column.



    The good news is that your solution seems to work perfectly.

    The bad news is that this means an admin must upload a duplicate featured image to each post that is intended to be read by your plugin because selecting existing images already available in the media library to be used as featured images will not work.

    Perhaps this can be “fixed” in a future version?

    Plugin Author Parakoos


    The reason the image wall can only show images that are actually attached to pages or posts is because this is how the plugin knows where to link the displayed images.

    May I ask how it is that your images are not attached to any page or post? Why are they unattached? Are they uploaded to your blog or linked from elsewhere on the web? Or are you using a gallery plugin like NextGen?

    Hi. Thank you very much for a quick reply. What I typically do is create a post then attach a feature image by clicking on “add featured image” then selecting an image that already resides in my media library on the site.

    Plugin Author Parakoos


    If you have unattached images, and you want to hook them up to some page or post, you could try some plugin. I did a google search and found this one:

    I haven’t tried it, and there may well be others.

    I am going to resolve this as this is not a bug with the Image Wall but rather an inherent way it works.

    Thank you for all your effort. Sincerely appreciated. I’ve just gone ahead and adopted a workflow change that is just fine based on your requirements. We’re glad we got this to work!

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Parakoos


    Excellent. Hey, if you want to fit more images into each row, try setting the width parameter to something smaller. Or remove the sidebar for the image wall page, assuming your theme allows it.

    Do you mind leaving a rating for the Image Wall plugin? It helps others trust the plugin as well as finding it.

    Good luck!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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