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    I updated a dozen or more client sites to WP3.0.4 this afternoon and was frustrated to discover that the included version of Akismet was not the most current. Consequently, following the WP upgrades, I then had to spend time upgrading Akismet on each of them too. It made a 15 minute job into a half hour – time I could do without wasting!

    May I request that this be addressed for future releases? I do not recall it being an issue in the past.

    Thanks for your great software and Happy New Year!

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  • Ugh. I’m 90% sure this was an oversight due to the push to get the security fix out ASAFP. Since no one was planning an update before 3.1, I suspect the plugin was just omitted from the last patch.

    I figured as much. Thanks for responding.

    How annoying! I popped a ac ticket, suggesting we just mock up 3.0.5 with it, IN CASE something happens, and hope we never need it. I know it’s fine on 3.1-nightly built, so the alpha and svn testers are fine.

    Okay, so no. Not going into a proto 3.0.5. Per @nacin

    We want to keep security releases as small as possible. Additionally, we never want string changes in a minor version.

    We will hopefully unbundle for 3.2. In the meantime 3.0.x will be 2.4.0 frozen and 3.1.x will be 2.5.1 frozen.

    If there are no string changes in 2.5.2 then we can re-pin it in 3.1.1 assuming 2.5.2 is out by then and that 3.1.1 is a non-security mainenance release. Joseph will need to let us know.

    Hopefully by 3.2 we’ll move to security patch ONLY having the changed files. Ah well. Now you know 🙂

    Thanks for the followup. That’s very disappointing.

    It would be great if the auto-update could only include changed files. If that’s too much to hope for, would it be possible to not include /wp-content/ or wp-config-sample.php in the update? Themes like Twenty Ten can be upgraded through the Dashboard anyway. It is also mildly irritating to have to re-delete “Hello Dolly” from the plugins folder every time too!

    Like I said, it was only a dozen-or-so sites yesterday but will be about 3 more by the time 3.1.1 comes around, and who-knows-how-many by 3.2!

    Not meaning to bitch at you personally, but I see no other way to get a support ticket in the system.

    Happy New Year!

    Nah, I understand 🙂 And I didn’t think you were bitching at me! I disagree with the decision, personally, but understand the rational.

    The devs are aware, there’s a (closed) ticket out there. It’s on the plan to get it sorted 🙂

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