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  • Hi developers, this is extremely nice and useful plugin, great work!

    As my site grows, I only need this cart button to show on certain pages, to be more precise on 4 shopping pages, I would like an option to invert the hide basket pages selection (maybe one checkbox, one if not statement) or be able to use wildcards/regex to exclude pages.

    Now I have to go to settings and manually add every new page to hide basket options, it is becoming a problem as I have a new page every day.

    Thank you in advance for considering this.

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  • Hi developers, one more request, I just started my own blog on the same site, is there any way to exclude cart from all the blog pages? Thank you.

    Plugin Author xootix



    We are working on it.
    Include page option will be available in the next update.

    Yesss guys, your are the best šŸ™‚

    Hello there, it is two updates later, I can’t see the include page option yet. It is very important, I am blogging, also the shop is only on 10% of my website, so I have to manually exclude all the pages in one small input box instead of including few where I need the cart to work. It is exhausting, I am creating documentation for my product, I make about three new pages a day, each of them must be excluded, I had to hide the cart using CSS from my blog, so let’s hope you will implement this feature as soon as possible.


    Use this CSS to show basket only on shop pages.

    /* Show on pages 
    	This will only show on shop page & product pages
    .post-type-archive .xoo-wsc-modal, .single-product .xoo-wsc-modal {
    	display: block !important;
    /* For more pages - find page id  
    	For eg:
    	.page-id-10 .xoo-wsc-modal, ,.page-id-11 .xoo-wsc-modal {
    		display: block !important;
    /*Hide everywhere */
    .xoo-wsc-modal {
    	display: none !important;

    7 months ago, include option was supposed to be in the next update, nothing yet, I am deleting this plugin and making my own, this is not a plugin for a big successful site, where you have many types of pages and you want cart to be displayed only on a few, I had to manually exclude all my sites where side cart was not welcome, the text window is not big enough for doing this comfortably.

    I have a blog, projects, documentation pages, custom pages where cart keeps showing up and all I did was hack CSS and tried to figure out how to hide cart from pages where not welcome. I only need it on 15 pages I will happily specify in a text field.

    You did a good job, but why promise something you don’t expect to deliver?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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