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  • First, this plugin is absolutely amazing. I downloaded it and purchased the add-ons. First class all the way Mr. Kemp, seriously. I am having a bit of an issue however. Im adding<?php the_block("cart_sidebar"); ?> to my header and it is working perfectly as far as the html side of things is concerned. The issue is I cant seem to figure out how to include the javascript that allows the hover over effect to fade, I copied the css manually and added it to my wordpress css file and that works and allows me to have excellent control. I have searched for countless hours on this issue and the only thing I could find and have found repeatedly is echo $head->getCssJsHtml(); // All CSS and JS files defined in your Magento head now there have been different variations of this but none of them seem to work I keep getting an error that looks like this Fatal error: Call to a member function getCssJsHtml() on a non-object. Now I will admit im a newbie when it comes to php so this could be right and im just doing it wrong. Any help would be fantastic. Here is a link to the Magento store Magento notice the cart when you hover over it on the top right. And here is the link to the WordPress site WordPress Please ignore the design as im still working on it, the cart link is located on the top left and when you hover there is no JS to allow the smooth fade in. Any suggestions.


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  • Alternatively I have added <?php echo get_block("head", false)->getCssJsHtml(); ?> which I found on page 4 of this forum. Now this indeed works on everything EXCEPT the part of the cart that displays on the hover over. So the fade works on all the links just not on the div that displays for the cart on hover over. So basically the cart doesnt fade in/out still.

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    Hi Montourst,

    Sorry for the delay, I was honeymoon when you posted this!

    Did you get anywhere with it in the end?

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