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[Resolved] include() in IE browsers?

  • syncbox


    Is there some inherent bug in IE browsers (eg. IE6) where using something like:

    if (is_tree(85)) {
    include('sidebar-85.php'); }
    elseif (is_tree(87)) {
    include('sidebar-87.php'); }
    elseif (is_tree(90)) {
    include('sidebar-90.php'); }
    elseif (is_tree(94)) {
    include('sidebar-94.php'); }
    elseif (is_tree(99)) {
    include('sidebar-99.php'); }
    elseif (is_tree(102)) {
    include('sidebar-102.php'); }
    else {

    I have is_tree() in my functions and it is working elsewhere perfectly (Firefox browsers) AND is_tree() seems to be working even in IE6 for writing styles in the header conditionally.

    So… is there an includes issue for IE6?

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  • iridiax


    I think that your relative paths may be a problem. See:




    Actually, I just solved it. It’s a CSS issue where the nested list (using a class named “subs”) was being WRITTEN in the source, but not displaying in IE6… I put display:block into the CSS for that class and now it is displaying.

    But thanks, anyway.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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