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  • Hi,

    I tried the forum where the post had lots of views but no responses. I am unsure if cross-posting here is wise or will get any different audience.

    I hope I am explaining myself well. The post there says:

    I am migrating from my previous theme, discovering Suffusion was a great surprise! I am testing the migration using the theme test drive.

    Previously I have had a number of custom templates which simply were copies of the main template with some include files added – I load the include files into the template directory, where they get updated on occasion. My motivation here was I had some folded up what’s new information I reuse on a number of pages, this way I can change it in one place (the include file) and it could be seen in multiple places. I was going to do the same with Suffusion or maybe there better ideas to achieve the same?

    Trying my outlined solution I copy the default template, page.php, to create a custom template and in suffusion_after_begin_post before the original post call I include, e.g.

                <h4>General Update</h4>      
                <?php include(TEMPLATEPATH  . '/whats_new_general.php'); ?


    This works, however my sidebar contents now appear under the page rather than at the right side for this page only. My include files just have a table and use 2 css classes which set the column width, totalling 500px.

    Any advice appreciated on what the issue might be or other ideas.

    Thanks! Tom.

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  • Hello Tom, what’s in the file whats_new_general.php? Was this file or custom template created using your old theme?

    Kind regards

    A good point, that’s not clear, thanks. That is one of my own include files I have uploaded to the template directory, which contains a table. It’s not related to any theme.

    Hi boardtc if you are going to work with Suffusion, I would try and use the custom template from Suffusion and manipulate that template to serve your needs.

    Let me know if this helps you.

    Kind regards

    Thanks mbrsolution! I have looked at the custom template prior to posting but I did not see a way to reshow the same snippets in multiple pages as I have outlined. Do you know a way?

    Hi boardtc could you post here your URL so that I can check.

    Thank you.

    Thanks mbrsolutions!

    As an example and (click what’s news) share a what’s new snippet via an include file. This is my old theme which I am migrating from via theme test drive.

    Hi boardtc, thank you for the two links. Now I need the URL with Suffusion so that I can see what is going on as you mentioned above.

    Kind regards

    @mbrsolution I really appreciate your patience and help here. I had a play with the theme test drive plugin which only makes the test theme available when logged in as admin and I could not see an option to get a shareable link to the test theme, do you know of a way?

    Hi boardtc do you have a testing platform? If you don’t supply a URL with Suffusion theme installed then it will be very challenging to offer more help.

    Kind regards

    My testing platform is “theme test drive”
    which shows the test theme when logged in as admin. Would you recommend another platform?

    Hi I had a look, try to add the following code to your theme.

    #main-col {
        width: 725px;

    You don’t seem to have the main column width added. This might fix your problem. I am still checking and will report if I see anything else. Also to be able to view your testing theme using the above mention plugin. What you have to do is add the following code to the end of your URL for example:


    I hope this helps you more.

    Kind regards

    Hi the layout should be something like the following code:

    <div id="wrapper" class="fix">
    <div id="header-container" class="custom-header fix">
    <div id="container" class="fix">
    <div id="main-col">
    <div id="sidebar-shell-1" class="sidebar-shell sidebar-shell-left">

    I hope this helps you further.

    Kind regards



    Thanks so much for digging @mbrsolution! I had not applied the page.php template to the example I gave so no main-col was set. Rather than just try and carry this solution over to the new theme and bringing the resulting issues I have been thinking about alternative solutions.

    One for me would be to be able to display a page in a sidebar. It might be possible with, I’ll look into it.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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