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  • I have recently upgraded to WP 2.2.3 and moved to a new server.
    I am including WP listings on non-wordpress pages. This had worked with the old version on the old server. Now I am getting a file not found php error.

    in my page I am using:
    <?PHP include (“wordpress/?cat=1”); ?>

    If I don’t specify a category include(“wordpress/”) then the list of wordpress posts display just fine. If I specify a category (or a post p=) then I get a file not found php error. I have a category-1.php and a category.php in wp-content/themes/mytheme but it doesn’t seem to be finding them.

    if I navigate to that address in my browser then the category variable works properly.

    Apparently I have a path set wrong somewhere, but I’m not sure where to look any ideas?

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  • correction…I’ve tried so many variations I’ve lost track of what I was doing…the include statement I’m using is:

    <?PHP include (“wordpress/index.php?cat=1”); ?>

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