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  • How can I make index from another script instaled in other directory on my host than wordpress to be included in new page. I tried to generate new page and to type something like this:
    <?php include (‘http://www.relative patht/index’) ?> but all I get is this code like text in new generated page. I want to use wordpress template for all scripts and I really need to know this, so help me please.

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  • You cannot run PHP in the content area of a post/Page.
    You can:
    a) include it in the template
    b) search for a plugin that executes PHP in WP Pages (RunPHP, PHPexec, ExcPHP – search for these keywords)
    Warning: displaying a full index file from somewhere else in a WP Page will result in having two head, body etc = non-valid and borked pages.

    Ok, but check out
    This site uses only wordpress template for whole site and has lot of other scripts instaled too. Can you explain me how to menage that/

    1. Never send me to a 1 km long site – I’ll get annoyed 🙂
    2. I don’t know what they do, and I don’t care. BTW, is it a WP site?
    3. I told you what is possible in WP and warned you about the possible problems. ( – you are welcome…)
    4. You can install a million scripts. Installing a script and including a full index file in another file – are two different things.

    Sorry. I just want to find a way to use my wordpress template for whole site without designing templates for other scripts like Coppermine for example and some directory – example 2. Is there any way to do that? Sorry for being boring once again.

    You can search for coppermine, integrating coppermine and stuff like that. There are hundreds of posts…
    And for the future: the more specific your question is, the easier the answer 🙂

    Ok, thanks

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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