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  • I would like to be able to add a link using the WP link manager that will open in a new window. Maybe have a drop-down list or radio buttons that give you this option in the link manager.

    It would be great if there were a way to target new tabs, but this is not available. The workaround is to configure your tab-enabled browser so that when you click on a link targeting a new window, it will open not in a new window, but in a new tab instead.

    I realize this is for the utterly lazy who don’t want to push down an extra button to open pages in a new tab, but what the hey! (as Link Hogthrob would say).

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  • tab behaviour is normally controlled by your web browser. both opera and firefox has options for setting if new windows are opened in new tabs or their own windows…

    as for new window for links, it breaks xhtml compliance.

    I guess it would be a thundering nuisance for those who do not or cannot have their browser configured to open new windows in a tab. Oh well, nevermind!

    There is an option in the Link Manager to have links open in a new window. If you scroll down the page to the advanced section, you’ll see the Target “_blank” option.

    Or you may simply tell you visitors to press shift while clicking on a link if they like it to open in a new window or tab. – Then everyone is happy 😉

    Jeepers, I don’t recall scrolling down the add link page. Boy, is my face red! Thanks for pointing those options out. It does warn that you would be in violation of XHTML 1.1 and 1.0 Strict, but that is still only a misdemeaner in most states and provinces (excluding maritimes) of North America as well as the Marshall Islands, I believe.

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