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  • On my blog, it is showing me incoming links only from my own url. I know that several other websites are linking to me, but wordpress is not showing this in my dashboard area for incoming links.

    It is also interesting to me – because every search engine is spidering my site, except google – who enjoys incoming links.

    any ideas?

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  • Well first, your site is young. And google takes longer to spider sites than any other search engine.

    Second, some of the 11 sites that are linking to you, are also young, and also not spidered by google yet. So that won’t matter, really, in terms of what you’re seeking.

    Also, links to you in the comments section of other sites will rarely ever count either.

    And finally – the incoming links thing in the dashboard hasn’t really worked properly and consistently for me, like, ever. I just saw a thread about this yesterday too – things are a little borked up there right now I think… but it may also be because the sites that are linking to you don’t count in terms of incoming links…

    just so you know – if you want to know if a search engine is spidering you, go to the engine and do a search for – I tried it with yours in google and got nothing, but also in Yahoo, where most of them either were non-counting links, links from your own site, or links from sites that are also not yet spidered by google.

    Thanks –
    It’s interesting because one of the sites directly linking to be is much older and well linked. I realize I am not in google, but Yahoo, MSN, et al – are including.

    Google looks at a lot more than inbound links… and almost always takes longer. There’s a rumor that there’s a PR update going on, so maybe that has something to do with it.

    Fact remains, there’s nothing you can really do to change it… 🙂 Just be patient, it’ll happen.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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