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  • The only WordPress “hosting” is over at wordpress.COM.
    You can reach their forums via

    Over here, we support the WordPress.ORG package which is to be installed on your own servers (or servers you pay to host for you). As such (and perhaps obviously) we have no oversight on what folks do with the software. Certainly no control – that would be like asking Microsoft to stop someone because you didn’t like what they put in a MS Word document. 🙂

    Is it hosted on the domain or does it just run WordPress software. If it’s just the software, then there’s really little that can be done from WordPress’s side. It’s sort of the “Going after the gun makers for all the murders that guns cause” movement we had here in the Staes a few years back. If you feel the need to complain to the host, you can try to drop in the IP address of the site in question over at into the WHOIS lookup box and see who controls that space.

    If it’s hosted on the domain, your best bet is via an email to support at that domain. Do note that political content and comments are not considered to be questionable there.

    I think that I should point out to the person who just commented on my blog that someone doesn’t like me is that is not the Inappropriate Blog I’m reporting. I’m Rose DesRochers. The blog I wish to report is a Pediophilla blog promoting girl love owned by a admitted Pediaphile hosted on WordPress.

    You probably didn’t read the two comments above. Please do so.

    If that bad blog address ends in, then you have contact information above. If it does not, you can certainly try to contact their host or local authorities. Not a darned thing we can do.

    (please, read the two posts above. When we answer, we hope to be read.)

    HandySolo, thank you. Im new to wordpress and did not realize that I was at the wrong forum. I will go over to the other forum now. Thank you for your help and Drmike, the blog is hosted by WordPress. Thank you again for all your help.


    HandySolo, I did read the two replies above and was replying to your post when you outed me for not reading your post. Had you given me time to reply to you, I would have. I guess I should of answered both replies in one post, again um thank you for your help.

    WordPress (the software) is distributed under the GPL. It is fully Free Software.

    Read the first freedom (freedom 0):

    “The freedom to run the program, for any purpose.

    Like the others have suggested, if this is in violation of‘s policy of web logs they host, then you can tell them so.

    I didn’t ask you about the licensing of wordpress. I already knew this as I have my own blog, however the licensing does not cover this situation. WordPress is allowing this individual to host his blog on’s domain, which he uses to encourage pedophilia – girl love. Anyhow, thank you for your response, but I’m at the wrong forum. So- cya.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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