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  • zlspub


    This plugin is missing very important components that their competitors have and it is obvious these plugin creators did not do their research. Basic stuff like being able to view what the lesson will look like while you’re creating it or viewing what the quiz will look like when you’re done is missing.

    You CANNOT view the lesson unless you publish it, which is stupid as hell. You are developing the course. When you publish the course it goes live on your website and each lesson goes live, but if you’re developing the course, the last thing you want is for the course to go live but that’s the only way to see what each lesson looks like, so you have to either wait until the wee hours of the night to fix the course or constantly publish and unpublish the course.

    Also, you CANNOT view the quiz even when the course is live as an instructor. AGAIN STUPID! So you have to create a student account and temporarily disable the pricing in order to do so to check what the quiz looks like!

    This stuff is BASIC 101 course creation but these guys missed the mark entirely. You are creating the course, you should be able to view it and that includes the quiz. HOW DID THEY MISS THIS? LIKE HOW? It is obvious they didn’t check what their competitors are doing in course creation because if they did, they would have created this to work right.

    When we said something to them about this, they came up with some lame ass excuse as to why it doesn’t function like their competitors and that includes major names outside of WordPress. Go back to the drawing board because this isn’t working, you guys are missing fundamental stuff. Common sense stuff.

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