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  • First of all, let me thank you for your great plugins! I’m using Custom Sidebars and I’m facing a problem after upgraded my wordpress to 3.5, at admin page, when I go to Widgets, all my widgets/sidebars at the right column are not expandable anymore so I cannot edit them.

    If I deactivate the Custom sidebars plugin, then widgets become again expandable. I reactivate the Custom sidebars plugin and again problem appears.

    Is there any solution to this issue please?

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  • I also confirm that issue happens with plugin version 1.1
    When I downgrade the Custom Sidebars to 0.8.2 all work fine. I upgrade to 1.1 and issue appears again.

    I can’t reproduce this so perhaps it’s theme related? On twenty eleven, I can expand the sidebars correctly. That’s using 1.1 and WP 3.5

    Hi Terry,

    Than you for your reply. What does the site template has to do with this? I’m talking about the admin interface (/admin)

    Sorry, maybe nothing to do with it. I know you are referring to the admin interface, though. I don’t have any issue with expanding the sidebars in the admin interface. I’ve now upgraded to 3.5.1 and it works OK there too.


    I can confirm same issue here. If the custom sidebar plugin is activated I can not move or expand/collapse widgets in admin anymore.
    This is really a big issue as it makes this plugin useless: I can not edit the custom sidebars in the widget area without having the custom sidebar plugin deactivated, and that makes the custom sidebar widgets to dissapear. Please fix this issue ASAP!!!

    It does not matter wich theme i use and I have tried deactivating all other pligins – nothing helps but deactivating the custom sidebar plugin – so there must be som e kind of BUG!!!

    WP 3.5.1 with custom sidebar 1.1.

    Nothing seems to happen here…can anyone else make this plugin working somehow? Are there some kind of quick-fix to get it up running again?

    I’ve got the same problem!!!
    impossible to drag widgets in the widget admin

    WP 3.5.1 with custom sidebar 1.1
    Theme : elegant

    I posted on another thread as well. Same problem. Pretty simple custom theme.

    Plugin Author marquex


    Hi Guys!

    I see some people are having problems with the last update of wordpress, I’ve received several emails complaining about it, but I have installed the plugin in a new WP 3.5.1 installation and works fine. Even upgrading an existent WP 3.4 everything worked fine.

    So, I will need more info about the problem. Any of you is using chrome? if so, go to your wordpress > admin > widgets, where the plugin does not work, right click on the page and press Inspect Element option.

    A new bottom bar has to appear at the bottom of chrome, and in the status bar you should see a red X with a number aside. Press it, and the errors of the page will be magically visible.

    Can anyone give a screenshot of the errors to me or just copy and paste?


    here it is

    Plugin Author marquex


    Houston, we got a bug!

    And a solution too, luckyly. I do not why is it happening though, I have been trying to reproduce it in my installation but it was impossible for me. The only way to get your errors I think is that you created those sidebars with an older version of the plugin, long time ago, and you have been upgrading the plugin since that (you did it right, but the plugin doesn’t).

    Anyway, your sidebars names are breaking the plugin:

    Moxtelell your sidebar is called øko brocolly. The char ø is breaking the plugin

    Denis, in your case the sidebar is called hypnothérapeutes and the char é is breaking the plugin.

    The bad news is that you can’t keep those sidebars, so you will have to create a new one with the old contents and delete the buggy one. The other problem is that you cannot delete the sidebar, because of the name! What a cruel world. So the easy fix for you would be to downgrade the plugin to version 0.8.2

    With that version it is possible to create sidebars with evil names, but you can also edit them (not delete them). So it is the easiest way to continue editing your sidebars.

    In Custom Sidebars 1.2 I will try to fix this problem, so you will be able to upgrade again.

    Cheers, and thanks for the feedback

    Plugin Author marquex


    I forgot, to downgrade the plugin, download the link above, and overwrite the folder /wp-contents/plugins/custom-sidebars using an ftp client like filezilla.

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