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    I’m on dialup, as I’ve mentioned before (i have no other option really), therefore installing WP anywhere is a huge pain in the tail feathers. I’ve gotten it running, though, on other occasions, after a while. Right now I’m trying it again, on a free host where we do have MySQL. Last nite I was hoping it would ftp over within…oh, about 90 minutes? But by that time I was nowhere near done with the transfer. I had to shut it off and go to bed.

    My Q. here is– Can an install be done that way, interrupting and then picking it up where it was left off? I know many ‘net files can be downloaded safely in that way…but I don’t know about WP file transfer, if this is OK. Seems I read somewhere in Docs that we can’t do this without file corruption…

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  • Yes the WP install is a large number of files but they don’t all have to be uploaded in one go. Just so long as you remember which files you already uploaded and ensure that you upload the remainder you will be fun.

    That is good to know! I already did it though, got brave and set Filezilla going again. It over-wrote whatever was already on the server, and for some reason didn’t take nearly as long this time as last time. Dialup is funny that way, some days it is worse than slow!…other times the pace picks up a little. Anyway, once that got done, all I had to do was fix the config file, AND re-upload a couple of other files that invariably give me trouble…but this time it was only two, in the past I’ve had many that had to be repeatedly transferred… Then, time to say a prayer and find my way in. IT’S WORKING!!! *happy dance*

    The Staff must have “fixed” something in the latest version, installation wasn’t the nightmare it always was before. 😀

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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