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    I have verified that when updating the plugin, the reviews widget has disappeared.
    I have also noticed a significant impact on the loading time of my website, slowing down other processes. Up to 10 seconds.

    I have the WP ROCKET cache plugin and I have followed all the instructions that indicate:

    -Clear cache
    -Exclude JS file from Trustindex:

    WP Rocket
    Navigate to “Settings”> “WP Rocket menu”> “File optimization”
    Scroll down to “Excluded Javascript files”
    On a new line, add*

    Even clearing the cache and adding the commands, it does not appear on the web. What can happen?. Other times I have had the plugin active and no conflict has occurred with WP ROCKET. Thank you.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I am having similar issues. Yesterday I could see the admin.ajax call (to load the css?) taking 8-9 seconds.

    Today the same call returns a 403 and the widget refuses to load.

    I do also use a caching plugin (WP Fastest Cache).. Interestingly when I am logged in, and bypassing the cache, the widget loads instantaneously

    Adding a js exclusion for seems (for now) to fix the issue for me

    This is plugin 7.7.1 (previous versions of the plugin seemed to work fine with my caching with no exclusion required)

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    Hello @cgreen177 , @enlanubecomunicacion,

    First I will answer to @cgreen177.
    It is caused by WP Rocket. If I visit your page in no cache mode ( ) it shows the widget perfectly.
    Please try to add only the domain name or the full name of the javascript file.

    Reference ( 2 min 35 secs ):

    @enlanubecomunicacion I am not experienced in WP Fastest Cache, but the best practice is to always exlude our javascript file.

    Feel free to write to us, if you need any assistance,

    Plugin Support tomwolf


    Hello @cgreen177 , @enlanubecomunicacion

    Let us know the results and feel free to write to us, if you need further assistance,

    @tomwolfhun I can confirm that exlcuding the js and css from WP Fastest Cache does ‘work’.

    It works in the sense that the entire page is now blocked from loading whilst I wait for your ajax call to load. (NB Not latest version of plugin – this is 7.7.1).

    This is 100% new(ish) behaviour – as is the caching incompatibility.

    So now I have 3 distinct issues:

    1. Caching (as described in this support thread) – that’s the least of my worries to be honest
    2. Cannot install latest version of the plugin on a new WP installation as described here:
    3. Performance issues when point 1 is ‘fixed’ as described here:

    Edit: reading through your comments on the 3rd support thread it sounds to me like you’ve made some changes for caching and introduced this ajax call to help that. In reality my client doesn’t get new google reviews every day and is happy to update this himself. I don’t care that it’s cached. I just want it to work, and not to take up to 10 seconds to load – and for that not to impact the entire page

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    Plugin Support tomwolf


    1. It is solved in 7.8. But please upgrade to 7.9.*
    2. We are checking it. I think, there is a workaround, but 7.9+ will fix this
    3. It is solved in 7.8. But please upgrade to 7.9.*

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    I have updated and the problem has been solved. In addition, the charging time is not affected. Thanks a lot!

    Plugin Support tomwolf


    Super @enlanubecomunicacion !

    Thank you for your efforts.

    Feel free to write to us if you need further assistance,

    @tomwolfhun thank you! Can I clarify one thing please – when you say the caching issue is solved – do we still need to add the exclusion rules or is it back to being compatible with caching (as it appeared to be before this)?

    Can confirm 7.9 does not include the ajax call for the CSS and I can see that being loaded separately now – which is great!


    Plugin Support tomwolf


    Evening @cgreen177 !

    Caching: It depends on your cacher plugin. In some cases, you should exclude the Trustindex’s JS file(s), because of:
    – it comes from CDN, so it will not slow down your clients
    – it may content developments/fixes, which may be missing from the cached version
    – so the cacher plugin cannot confuse its contents and possible errors can be avoided.
    You can test in a test page in your WP system, but I suggest you to exclude it.

    Exclude CSS is not so important, just do not forget to clear it (manually) when you have changed the widget’s style and you are waiting for the change…


    Plugin Support Adam from Trustindex


    You are welcome!


    I updated my plugin and my reviews dissapeared from front-end.

    See the attachments for front and back end both at below link.

    Pls help me.


    Plugin Support tomwolf


    Hello @vibhorp ,

    Have you set up the FTP connection correctly in your WP admin?

    Waiting for your reply,

    I manually updated this : Plugin.
    Where should I setup my FTP and why ?

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