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    Thanks for your great work, I’m really excited to use this plug-in heavily for a blog I’m launching. I started experimenting with the [zotpressInText] tag and found that when multiple of these tags reference the same item on a page, the value of %num% in a format string evaluates to the same number for all references.

    I see that you introduced this feature in 5.0.5 and then added a bug fix in 5.0.6. I see that in 5.0.6 that /lib/shortcode/shortcode.intext.php:145 has the following:

    $citation = str_replace("%num%", (count($GLOBALS['zp_shortcode_instances'][get_the_ID()])+1), str_replace("%a%", $item->author, str_replace("%d%", zp_get_year($item->zpdate), $format)));

    It seems the issue here is that the results being iterated in the surrounding foreach are for a single item and because you’re using this to build up the ‘zp_shortcode_instances’ array in the GLOBALS for later display in the bibliography, the count of this array does not represent the index of the current item.

    I played around a bit and with the following order of operations inside of the foreach, I got the functionality to work as I would expect it:

    1) Add item into to the zp_shortcode_instances array IFF it’s not already there, adding an attribute representing the index based on the existing size of the array
    2) Do all str_replace logic, using the value from the zp_shortcode_instances array for the %num% instance
    3) Append this to $zp_intext_citation

    Amounting to something like:

    foreach ($zp_results as $id => $item)
                    // Shorten author if repeated
                    if ($GLOBALS['zp_shortcode_instances'][get_the_ID()][$item->item_key] && count(explode(",", $item->author)) > 3)
                        $item->author = substr($item->author, 0, strpos($item->author, ",")) . " <em>et al.</em>";
    				if (!isset($GLOBALS['zp_shortcode_instances'][get_the_ID()][$api_user_id.",".$item->item_key]))
                    	$GLOBALS['zp_shortcode_instances'][get_the_ID()][$api_user_id.",".$item->item_key] = array(
                            "instance_id" => $zp_instance_id,
                            "userid" => $api_user_id,
                            "account_type" => $zp_account->account_type,
                            "public_key" => $zp_account->public_key,
                            "item_key" => $item->item_key,
                            "author" => $item->author,
                            "title" => $item->title,
                            "date" => zp_get_year($item->zpdate),
                            "download" => $item->download,
                            "image" => $item->image,
                            "json" => $item->json,
                            "citation" => $item->citation,
                            "style" => $item->style,
                            "num" => count($GLOBALS['zp_shortcode_instances'][get_the_ID()])+1
                    // Deal with pages
                    if ($pages)
                        $citation = str_replace("%p%", $pages, $citation);
                    else // New way
                        if (is_array($items))
                            if (count($items) == 2 && !is_array($items[0]))
                                $citation = str_replace("%p%", $items[1], $citation);
                            else // Multiple citations
                                if ($items[$id][1])
                                    $citation =  str_replace("%p%", $items[$id][1], $citation);
                                    $citation = str_replace("%p%", "", str_replace(" %p%", "", str_replace(", %p%", "", $citation)));
                        else // No pages
                            $citation = str_replace("%p%", "", str_replace(" %p%", "", str_replace(", %p%", "", $citation)));
    				$num = $GLOBALS['zp_shortcode_instances'][get_the_ID()][$api_user_id.",".$item->item_key]['num'];
                    // Fill in author, date and number
                    $citation = str_replace("%num%", $num, str_replace("%a%", $item->author, str_replace("%d%", zp_get_year($item->zpdate), $format)));
    				$zp_intext_citation .= $citation;

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    If I understand correctly, I think the way it’s currently set up is expected behaviour for most citation styles. You wouldn’t want multiple copies of the same citation in the bibliography, right? Maybe you could send me an example for clarification.

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