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  • Sorry to take the time to leave a 1 star review but after trying for a solid 20 mins to get your plugin to restrict public access to pages, i just could not figure out how the hell to do it.
    The instructions on the plugin setup page are cryptic, for example:

    Select the Post Types that you wish to activate the Public Access meta box on.
    (does this mean that the boxes i tick are restricted to public access, or the ones i do not tick are restricted to public access?)

    Check the user roles that you do not wish to be available for selection via the Public Access metabox.
    (same questions really – do the selected users get restricted or do they get to access the selected/not selected pages as chosen/not chosen above?)

    Also, what is Public Access vs Admin Access if both selection lists contain roles requiring log in?

    With a little clarity on what the checkboxes do (do they restrict or grant access when selected) this could be a super simple and easy to use plugin, until then though it’s a 1 star wonder.

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  • Plugin Author Matt Watson


    Checkboxes restrict access when checked.

    If you click the Public checkbox the content will be restricted for members of the public. If you log out you will note that you can no longer view that page.

    Admin access restricts certain roles from editing the content via the dashboard.

    If you restrict the admin access for an editor, then login as an editor, you will no longer be able to edit that content in the backend.

    Thanks for getting back to me, Matt.
    Explained like that it does sound simple and does resembles how i thought it worked, however, i ticked Pages from the first question, ticked nothing for Admin Q’s but ticked Public Access on the Public Q’s, then tried to view a page on a cache-clear private browser and no restriction applied whatsoever.

    Plugin Author Matt Watson


    I just typed a large response and it got deleted, so let me try that again:

    To restrict a page called ‘Public Qs’ you need to follow these steps:

    In the WordPress dashboard go edit your page ‘Public Qs’, scroll down to the meta box titled ‘Public Access’.

    Check a role that you wish to restrict, in this case the ‘Public Access’ role.

    Choose how it should be restricted, so if you want to restrict this page only within a hierarchical tree of pages check the ‘Restrict Access to Content Only’. If you want to restrict access to this page and its child pages check the ‘Restrict Access to Content and Sub Content’ radio button.

    Update / Publish the page.

    Now when you view your list of pages, the page titled ‘Public Qs’ should have a closed padlock next to it in the far ‘Access’ column.

    A single black padlock means that this page is restricted. A black padlock with a smaller grey padlock means that this page and its sub pages are restricted.

    Log out of WordPress and navigate to the page ‘Public Qs’ you should be redirected to another page, either one that you have set, or the login page.

    If after performing all of the steps above, and you are still having difficulty it could be a compatibility issue with your instance of WordPress, you could try:

    – Disabling other plugins
    – Identifying the version of PHP you are running on is at least 5.6
    – Trying the plugin with a default theme, such as twentyseventeen
    – Turning on debug and letting me know any errors that crop up

    Thanks again for the quick response, Matt.
    I now understand; the plugin adds the option to each individual page, from the ‘activation’ of this option the user then needs to go to the representative page/s and choose there to restrict the page/content and subsequently who should be restricted.

    This all makes sense now.

    A small tip might be to add a simple sentence to the settings page for the plugin, something along the lines of:

    Please use the checkboxes to select which content or page types you wish to be able to restrict, and for which user types.
    Once you have completed this step please visit the page or posts’ edit interface where you will now find a tool to restrict its content to those selected on this screen.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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