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  • I’ve been struggling with keeping my article “series” together in WordPress. I fight with the chronological thing all the time, trying to keep articles in a series together like 1, 2, 3, 4. There isn’t a clean way of doing that, and I’ve tried all sorts of different things, things that didn’t work, or worked in 1.2 but don’t now, and all kinds of different ways. I finally gave up and started putting boxes in my article with a list of hand-coded links to keep the feel of a series together.

    Enter In-Series Plugin for WordPress, one of the newest entries in the WordPress/Weblogtools Collection Plugin Contest. You get get the PHP code from’s In-Series.

    The In-Series plugin uses two custom field codes to 1) set the series with a unique name, and 2) position the series in its correct order in the series. You then put one or both of the two sets of tags into your document where you want the <b>Next in Series</b> and <b>Previous in Series</b>, or <b>All in Series</b>, to appear. You can style it any way you want. It doesn’t have to be within the WordPress Loop. You can use it in the sidebar or any single post area.

    It is designed to not show up on non-series articles, only the ones set in a series. It’s brilliant. So brilliant, I’m bragging here for the author.

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  • Lorelle: Like you, I’ve come over to WP from Typepad (where I asked them to consider just such a feature as In-Series, to which I got what seemed like blank stares).

    I’m delighted that In-Series does something I’ve longed to see for over 2 yrs.!

    But I have a problem. I’m not great with coding & don’t understand exactly what this means in the instructions & how to do it:

    Modify your single.php ( template to call any of the following functions:

    * previous_in_series()
    * next_in_series()
    * all_in_series()
    * series_table_of_contents()

    Can you or someone help decipher this for me?

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