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  • I’ve almost convinced a conference to use WordPress for their website. Their website will possibly have a blog but there is a lot of other content beyond that (of course) for hotel information, speakers/panels, registration, Boston tidbits, etc. I’m looking for websites that use WordPress for more than just a blog. And I’d love to know about conferences that use WordPress, too.

    If you know of websites (in general) and/or conferences (in particular) that use WordPress to manage content on their website beyond just a blog, I’d love to see the URLs.


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  • I’ve just migrated the local Community Council from phpWebSite (a ‘real’ CMS) to WordPress 2.0.

    As I’ve posted in my blog:

    Congratulations to the WordPress crew for creating a powerful, friendly, and extensible piece of software. It’s a real tribute to the team that they set out to create a package for bloggers, and I’ve used it successfully as a replacement for a fully-fledged content management system.

    Happy New Year, many thanks, and keep up the good work.



    Thanks for asking this question, it’s becoming more and more relevant.

    Most of the sites I build use WordPress (I’ve done some in Drupal and oldies in MovableType, but WP keeps getting better and better and more and more powerful) and for every site, WordPress does the entire site–although some involve other software (e.g. Gallery2).

    That said, I’m getting more and more requests for e-commerce capability and while I’m in the middle of trying out what looks like a great plug-in for PayPal and a limited number of e-commerce solutions, I just need something that works. Ideally, I’d like it work with WP as I’m just plain in love with WP !

    While I’m on the wishlist topic, I currently use Drupal for a group/member site and the only reason I haven’t yet switched it WP is because of the Drupal feature that allows one user (member) to email one, some (groups), or all other members.

    I’ll keep my on this topic for any other comments people may have. Also, thanks for posting your updates to this topic, they’re helpful.

    Best regards,

    – Bradley

    I’m running WP on both Christmas Music 24/7 and ShowBizRadio. ShowBizRadio has over 1000 pages, and around 50 posts.

    I use WP to integrate into the layout, I added a custom gallery and downloads manager to wordpress backend.

    This question interests me also. I would like to know two things please:

    1. Why someone would want to use WP if they didn’t want to have significant input for comments? (I’m not suggesting they shouldn’t, only I’d like to better understand why they would.)

    2. If you wanted to have a non-blog website with more or less static content, but encourage comment and discussion, (a) I presume you would use WP Pages, but can you add a facility for comments to Pages? and (b) would this be better than using forum software rather than blogging software?


    Here’s another for you:

    I’m constantly playing with WP to create complete sites, and have convinced several of my clients to do the same.




    ercatli –
    1) For ease of entering the pages. MAkes it easier to manage the pages/postings.
    2) a) Yes you can. Simply include the comments code in the page.php file.
    2) b) The difference is in who can start threads. Using something like WP means that the site owner is the one in charge of starting “threads”. With forum software, any registered user of the site can start threads. In some cases that may not be desireable,


    I’m an artist and designer using WordPress at with my business site at Ten Two Studios.

    I hope this isn’t too off-topic but I isn’t anyone using wordpress required to acknowledge that on the website. Isn’t that part of the cc license. Isn’t the same true for styles. Is there a site for users to register their site. I created my site through an auto install at my host company. Does get notified of that.

    I’m using wordpress to put together a site for a local yoga studio:

    My friend got me interested in using WordPress for a more or less static site due to many of the features it provides. The big helper is the integration of themes that allows a quick and easy way to change the look and feel of the pages.

    Also, I plan on having the company use wordpress to post upcoming events without me having to change pages for them.

    1. No.
    2. WP is released under GPL, not CC. (read the licence text you got in the download!)
    3. It depends on under what licence those themes were released. (notice: themes, not styles!).
    4. No, there isn’t (site for registration).
    5. WP doesn’t get notified about your install.

    We’ve created a site for Christine Troy, Immigration Attorney, which uses WP to manage and categorize articles about legal information relevant to her practice.

    I use it for my hosting/design blog (



    A local band’s website:

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