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in same cat

  • If I understand the documentation, this plugin replaces where WP inserts it’s post navigation with it’s version offering more flexibility etc.

    This is exactly what I need as other post navigation plugins I’ve found insert their as well as WP’s.

    However, I do not understand how to implement it, as the suggestion is that I have to edit code in the ‘template’ file to get it working.

    By ‘template’ file, do you mean link-template.php? I cannot find a reference to ‘next_post_link’ in any of my theme’s files. If this is the case, do I just need to add

    <?php previous_post_link_plus( array(
    ‘in_same_cat’ => true
    ) );?>
    <?php next_post_link_plus( array(
    ‘in_same_cat’ => true
    ) );?>

    to my child theme functions.php to get it to work?

    I hope I’m not being too stupid.



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  • You just add the code you have above into your post’s template file i.e. single.php. Wherever you’d like it to appear.

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