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  • I know by default that Twenty Twelve does not have in-post sidebars. Twenty Eleven didn’t either but at least it had an extension plugin to add those.

    Does Twenty Twelve have anything similar? Should I even bother trying seeing as Twenty Thirteen should be out in a little bit and hope that in-post sidebars will be an option?

    I like the minimalist look that Twenty Twelve does, I just don’t like the lack of side-bar options.

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  • Michael


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    I don’t understand the question, as Twenty Twelve clearly has a sidebar in single.php – or what else is a ‘in-post sidebar’?

    There’s an option to activate the sidebar for pages and having no widgets removes the page sidebar by default.

    However, for individual posts I don’t see an option for that. Is this something I have to manually change in the code? Is there a plugin that I can install to do this for me? Or should I just wait for Twenty Thirteen or find a different theme that allows for post sidebars?



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    having no widgets removes the page sidebar by default.

    then add widgets to the widget area – after all this is the purpose of a sidebar.

    afaik, there is no time frame set for the development of a Twenty Thirteen – this could be close to the end of the year…

    however, you can always look for a responsive theme with (undestructable) sidebars on posts;

    try for instance the tag filter for the WordPress Themes’ Directory:

    Sorry, I don’t think I was clear. I have widgets in the sidebar and it’s for the page sidebar. My page sidebar works fine.

    But, for individual posts, I have no sidebar and there appears to be nowhere to place widgets to even form an individual post sidebar.

    Is there a way around this besides getting a different theme?



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    a single post would call the widget area ‘Main Sidebar’ – do you have widgets in there?

    if yes, and they don’t show, then your theme might be broken, or some plugins are interfering;

    temporarily deactivate all plugins to see if that helps.

    Yes I do. I have search, categories, recent posts, and an ad affiliate in that section. These widgets show up on the two pages that I have which are “Home” and “Latest posts”.

    I disabled all plugins and the sidebar on the pages were still there. However, on individual posts I still did not have a sidebar. This has been an issue with me since I created this site and I have been using the Twenty Twelve theme since version 3.0. Never with any version did I have a side bar for individual posts so I don’t think I have a broken theme.

    I know other themes automatically have individual post sidebars and I’d like the same for Twenty Twelve. If I’m being confusing in anyway, I can take screenshots and upload them to make communication easier.

    Your patience and help is much appreciated in this problem.

    Hi, I’m still having trouble with this. If anyone could offer additional suggestions that be great.

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