• If you try to change the In-Page share settings with code blocks then the settings don’t save. I guess you have to use the MUCH SLOWER loading cloud settings.

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    Hi @sgumby

    The support forums is a place to try to solve the issue you’re facing –


    Can you please provide more information/clarity about what you’re facing? This would be VERY much appreciated. Would like to get to the bottom of this.

    Settings not being saved is not common and should not be occurring. Settings should save, regardless of whether you load the settings pages from the plugin or directly on Shareaholic.com and should be just as fast in both places (it’s the very same code).

    Looking at your history, it looks like maybe settings for other plugins have also not saved for you in the past? Do you have an ad blocker enabled that may be blocking cross-domain requests to save settings to shareaholic.com?

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    I’ve been doing web dev for 22 years. If I can’t get settings to save its not because of ad blockers….because then I’d have that problem with everything I did. Its possible an other plugin is interfering but if that’s the case then your code isn’t written well enough to avoid stepping on toes.

    This ended up wasting a lot of my time when I didn’t have it to waste. That’s why I didn’t ask in support….I just didn’t have time to trouble shoot with you….and I still don’t have time.

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    Over 50,000 sites use the Shareaholic plugin (and many tens of thousands more use the Cloud version outside of WordPress).

    At this time, you’re the only active report of settings not saving at this time. i.e. an edge case that we haven’t been able to reproduce. It’s usually not us but some other plugin with a small install base that is poorly written not to step on toes or have unintended consequences. But either way, any such report generally warrants a proper investigation.

    Of note, that you have had a similar issue with other plugins before?

    Any help you can provide to help troubleshoot the issue you’re facing would be appreciated. At the moment, we don’t have enough to go on / reproduce. You would appreciate this request for constructive help as a developer yourself 🙂

    A list of plugins you have activated would be helpful.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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