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  • I have a wordpress folder in the root of my domain directory but i mistakenly moved everything out of it and into the root of my domain, I put everything back into the wordpress folder but now my site is broken and i cant login into my admin,

    I really need urgent help with this i am not very technical.

    If anyone can help I would be most grateful

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  • give me the url of your website so that I can see something…

    thanks its but i am currently in the process of uploading my backup wordpress folder, was working but all my themes and links were broken,

    any help would be great its my personal website and really needed it in the coming week

    either you or your server have blocked access to my country i.e. Pakistan and I am unable to access any part of your domain!

    its the same here as i am deleting my wordpress folder at the moment,

    I have a complete copy of my wordpress folder on my desktop but when i upload it to the place it was before i had problems my site is still broken.

    I got your problem…

    First completely delete your site and then let me know…

    so delete the site then upload my backup wordpress then let you know or just delete?

    Thank you for helping by the way

    just completely delete everything including your database tables and then send me your wp-config file at [email address removed]

    Do not paste it here as it contains your username and password. Just send me the complete file as email attachment on the address given above.

    You need not to worry about sending it to me because I do it as a hobby and have no concerns with your website or blog. I will correct your wp-config file and will give it back to you so that you can use it.

    You you feel any problems in this then let me know, we will find some other solution.

    so you mean delete my php database at wont that delete all my post info and thing i have written?

    Dont you have backup for database as well?

    If not then dont do that…

    In this situation just upload the backup where it was previously and then let me know.

    I have exported a sql file from my php at is that correct? what would be better for me to do?

    Currently my domain directory is completely empty now shall i upload my wordpress backup folder or send you my wp-config from that folder?

    You just upload the backup in the same position as from where it was made. Like if your wp installation was in /wordpress folder then place it there and then let me check.

    ok will let you know when the upload is finished it might take about ten minutes thank you

    ok ten minuets was bit optimistic its more like 30 minutes

    I think there is a big difference in our timezones. Its bedtime with me so you just upload it and send me a msg. I will see the problem and will let you know.
    You need not to worry, it is just a simple fix.

    see you soon!

    hi Fahad thanks with the help so if I get the login working do you have any idea why my theme formatting is broken?

    Thanks for your help and sleep well 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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