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  • Hello,

    I’m in need of a very simple theme. I’ve tried researching on the web on how to make a simple theme like the one I’m in need of but it didn’t work out for me. It was too technical. Unfortunately, like so many other people, when it comes to the web my A.D.D kicks in and I lose focus when its not explain simplistically.

    Okay, here’s what I need.

    The page header will only have the logo centered.

    Next, instead of a navbar it will be a image of a horizontal separator.
    (this can be styled in CSS but configurable in the admin dashboard.)

    Right under, on the right will be the search bar. But with some css styling to hide it. Not so much a tab. more like when a user clicks the mag. glass it will expand the search bar. Also I’d like the search page to not look like a bunch of code was thrown together just to get it done quickly.

    Now comes to the content. I simply do not want any “extraness”. Simply just to display my blog post. (I highly doubt I will add any pages. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to have a setup for that too.)[ I realize I’ll need this for the blog posts page, lol.!]

    moving on, There’s a certain way I’d like the list of post to be displayed. It should look neat. On the left of the post it should have two circles separated but a vertical separator. The first circle would simply display the month(abbreviated) and right under display the day and year. The second circle would have the post’s default image. To the right. would have the post’s excerpt. With a read more link.

    The footer would be “default” I guess. With the four sections most themes use for widgets and such.

    Continuing, I’d like it to look one paged. So when a user clicks on a post a minor loading screen will appear when the post;s page has loaded. This will happen when they click the back link on the post’s page as well.

    furthermore, I’d like it setup in a way that when a user clicks the link back to the home page/ blog post that they can continue where they left off. Lets say that I scroll down 100 post and click on a post that interest me. When I click the back link I don’t want to be forced to scroll through the same 100 post just to continue browsing. “infinscrolling” would be great.

    Social Sharing would also be great! Facebook(like and share{also the comment system}), Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, etc.

    If you dont fully understand and would like me to produce a skeleton for preview. Just let me know. I’d like some to build it for me. I’m broke but I don’t mind paying. I’m in great need of this. Someone Please help me. Do you know of a theme similar to this? Do you mind helping me customize it? Are you willing to do it for me? I’m very desperate.

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