• Danishsard


    • redirects aimlessly to page 3. What they wrote about why does not appeal to a person who knows about the Internet. Rather, he denies it. ago.
    • Monitors people who use it
    • it’s a spy on your website in my opinion
    • it negatively affects the POSITION of your website in search engines because it directs links to websites of worthless, empty authors.
    • this is a third-party service and no explanations justify it, poor speed and availability.

    I don’t trust such plugins and their intentions. So you can’t select additional services whether you want or not from the entire list. You can’t decide whether you want redirection to the plug-in creators or the original redirection to social media sites without the involvement of third parties.

    And negatively, it greatly affects your websites as it directs links from every social link to the same third-party website. This is not good for you. The entire page rank is for that page of the plugin, as can be seen in the MOZ rating.

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