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  • Hello,
    I’m facing a big trouble. I created lot of categories and subcategories, and when i wanted to add them to a Menu here begins the pain.
    Thus, when we click on the “View All” tab, the categories/subcategories are not hierarchically organized. Therefore, it becomes impossible to add them properly to the menu.
    This problem has been already discussed here Category hierarchy in list of categories do not display correctly when editing a post .
    A plugin was developed to resolve this problem on EDITING POSTS SCREEN, but unfortunately it doesn’t work on MENUS editing section.
    The link to the plugin: Category Checklist Tree
    It seems that many people are facing the same problem.
    I will be very happy if you help us resolve this issue.
    Many thanks in advance.

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  • I’m encountring the same problem, it’s a real pain in the arse. This is a big flaw in wordpress core. Contacted many developpers but none of them could resolve this issue. What’s that ??!!! Can’t WordPress show the categories checklist in a proper way??!
    I spent days creating categories; but finally i can’t add them to a menu!!

    Real pain


    Hi, i saw it already. However i couldn’t find any solution there except the plugin mentioned above, indeed it preserves the categories hierarchy BUT only on EDITING POSTS screen. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on APPEARANCE > MENUS.
    Can any one of you help on this please? it’s urgent.

    It has been classed as “not a bug” (although it may be a usability issue) and will not be fixed (hence the “wontfix” in the Trac ticket’s title) as this is simply the way in which WordPress is meant to work. This decision was made by two very senior core WPORG people.

    If you want to lobby for the behavioral change, please open a thread at ​

    I didn’t say that it was a bug. I understand that it behaves the way it was originally developed to behave.
    I just need a solution or an alternative to solve this problem. It’s impossible for me to add my categories to the nav menu.
    Just magine I have lots of child categories with the same names, ex: Parent1 -> national, international; Parent2 -> national, international; Parent3 -> national, international; So I have different Parent categories names but the same child category names for each parent category. How am I supposed to find the correct child category to apply for my parent category?
    The child categories appear at the bottom of the categories list totally isolated from the parent category making it very difficult to find them and to know to which parent category they are assigned. Do you see the problem?
    Breaking the hierarchy confuses the user and makes it almost impossible to find the proper category to select.

    So, please tell me what to do? is there any other alternative to make MY MENU?

    How am I supposed to find the correct child category to apply for my parent category?

    As mentioned in the Trac ticket, this is a user/usability issue. The vast majority of WP users, do not have multiple categories with the same name. That’s where your issue lies – not within WordPress itself. Perhaps you need to re-think your child category implementation and avoid replicating category names?

    is there a way to bulk rename all the categories so that i can find them easily?? because i have lot of categories and subcategories i can’t rename them one by one otherwise it will need days to do that.

    You could try looking for a suitable plugin for this.

    I also was having this problem, not with the child categories having the same name, just with the parent not nesting the child categories to be able to add easily. They do not display in alphabetical order – or any other order that I could make sense of.

    Also – when I used the “search” function to try to narrow down the options listed – it would not bring up all the categories, only some of them.

    @nikicampbell: As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. Posting in an existing topic prevents us from being able to track issues by topic. Added to which, your problem – despite any similarity in symptoms – is likely to be completely different.

    WordPress team should start looking seriously to this issue. It is not understandable why they underestimate such thing, they are making things difficult and categories hard to find. I wonder what wordpress coders will lose if they make categories check list easily managable??!! I have read and seen many people complaining about this problem. Why don’t you take the issue seriously and provide a fix?! Believe me it will just make life easier, and menus easier to be built.

    i’ve the same problem, please solve asap this problem.

    line: 804
    change this line:
    // paginate browsing for large numbers of objects
    $per_page = 50;
    to this:
    // paginate browsing for large numbers of objects
    $per_page = 250;
    then you increased the number of categories per page, so categories should be loaded in one page

    if count of your categories is more than “250” then change it.

    Oh boy. I have been banging my head over this issue for two days. alimotorolla is spot on. Changing the core file does in fact fix this issue. Sucks because not editing core files is rule 1-5 of WordPress, but until the category box is fixed and not completely useless for large category setups, this does the trick.

    Maybe it’s time to figure out how to put together a plugin to override this.



    alimotorolla- YOU ARE A GOD AND I OWE YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THIS FIX!!! This needs to be highlighted as a fix for so many more people to see.

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