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    3.5 beta 3 – the kinks are worked out. Thank you all. I know you’re past adding features, but for the next release is it possible to get a size button on gallery settings for the thumbnail size? I alternate between thumbnail and medium all the time in the same post, and have to go in to the text version, type size =”medium”, then back out to visual. Not huge, but when there’s 15 to 30 galleries, it’s hard to remember which ones you want larger.

    Here’s whats fixed – changes to the shortcode are kept when you pop in and out of the media handler and visual mode. Default order is kept to import order, and moving file order does not disrupt anything else. Awesome. Thank you.

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  • thanks so much for pointing this out,this does really interest me and i ned to find out a little more

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    Hi @willwenzel, I think we avoided the “size” setting because it can be controlled to a point by the “columns” setting. So, 1 column would use a larger size than 4 columns, which would use thumbnails.

    Sorry if that isn’t super intuitive. I don’t think 15-30 galleries in a single post is a common use case. I’m interested to hear in how you’ve felt it works for you with so many galleries in a post.

    Andrew, that’s even better! I hadn’t caught that it was possible to change thumb size by columns. It seems to only downsize images if the selected size is larger. If nothing is selected, the images are class=”attachment-thumbnail”, and only downsize from there. But if the size=”medium” is set in the shortcode, they downsize to fit in the columns. It does seem that the larger size needs to be set in the shortcode, as selecting a size in the media uploader doesn’t translate to the gallery size – medium or large still appears as attachment-thumbnail.

    Yes, multiple galleries isn’t common yet, but it will be as people realize how easy you’ve made it. This example could be one gallery and a lot of text separate from it, but it’s broken into twenty gallery shortcodes with just a few images in each to space the text out.

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