• ashebashthecash


    I’m absolutely in love with this plugin.

    After trying 2 other form plugins I have settled on Formidable Forms. Everyday I figure out more ways to use this plugin. It’s allowing me to build my site in a way that won’t require me to do anything when it’s finally up and running.

    I have started using it as my site search input and it’s better than any of the standalone search plugins I had found. I did added some additional code snippets through WPcode as it still uses the native WP search, which we all know needs fine tuning. But I can now pre-fill a form based on a zero found search result. Amazing.

    I’ve also deleted an automation plugin because Formidable has all the built in capabilities I need.

    It’s obvious a developer made this plugin with the non-coder in mind to be able to do things you’d think would only be possible by coding. The foresight and understanding that a form plugin can’t be a siloed mechanism is what makes this a huge win!

    The documentation on their website is vast, detailed and easy to comprehend.

    The built in styling tool allows for maximum customization.

    I’ve struggled a bit with the Views and Applications portion but quickly realized that I was using it incorrectly.

    I’m planning on upgrading to the Elite version (currently I have Business) so that I can use the API functions.

    Hands down the best plugin I have found for WordPress.

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