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    I just installed a sidebar widget, called sidebarTabs.

    Look here for the page:

    It looks just fine in Firefox, Chrome and on an iPad. In Internet Explorer (9, 8, 7) however, the widget does NOT show.

    Furthermore, Recent Comments and Recent Articles widgets DO show in IE, even though these are not added to the sidebar in WordPress.

    How do I resolve this?

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  • After more browsing in IE I have uncovered more weirdness.

    Open the following links in IE. Kudos to you if you can explain it!

    So the main page doesn’t show the sidebar like it’s supposed to be ( – the tabs are completely missing below the social buttons.)

    Then, many individual posts show it exactly how it’s supposed to be: the sidbar shows in the sidebar with Best Of, Recent (Posts), and Comments. Example:

    Some posts show the layout of the tabs, but with only “Best Of”, while Recent Posts and Recent Comments are shown elsedwhere, in the bottom of the sidebar.

    Some posts show the sidebar how it was before, with Best Of Postmasculine and the recent posts and comments all showing separately in the sidebar. Example:

    Somebody please explain this weirdness!



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    Try sorting out the markup errors. Then move onto the CSS errors.
    If you continue to have problems with IE, consider conditional comment CSS

    The issue seems to have resolved itself in IE.

    It seems like IE showed variations of the website that existed at different points in time. How it does this, I do not know. But I think each of these variations has existed at some point while I was creating the sidebar.

    Obviously I repeatedly deleted my cache. Everything worked fine in Firefox and Chrome the entire time.

    If someone can explain this, I’m very curious.

    Thank you for your advice though esmi. I will look into this and reduce the validation errors on our website to a minimum.

    Just posting this to mark the topic as resolved, since my original issue no longer seems to exist.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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