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  1. Lorelle
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Has anyone run into this. I have an article with links in the beginning that jump to the different sections in the long article. They use the #target to jump to the spot in the document. When I use <!--nextpage--> from the Quicktags to divide up the long document, the target links don't work any more because the actual "URL" leaves the same document and becomes page2, page3, etc. Or so I assume.

    Shouldn't this work? I don't have permalinks turned on, if that matters. This is part of the difference between a generated page and a static html page. The whole article is in one "record" in the database, so I think that the internal document links would move within the same "page" or record, but they don't because WordPress separates the "pages". Oh, I'm confusing myself.

    Does anyone understand this and is there a solution for overcoming this besides setting these internal document links to page2#target1, etc.?

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