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  • In the WordPress database, at the very end of the wp_post table data, there is a field named “guid”. What is this?

    Right now, it has the address to my test site where I put all this together and now I’ve moved the entire site into the final root directory – so what is this, do I need to change this, and should I change this?

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    That might help understand it. Shouldn’t need to change it.

    Okay, that answers one question, what is it, but it opens up several more. If this is a Globally Unique Identifier, and it is to the page that my post is on, does WP or a WP plugin use that information? Therefore, should it be “right”?

    I did a database UPDATE (search and replace) a couple days ago, on a whim (after backing everything up) and things worked fine. But the new posts I’ve added since added back in the test site address and not the current one, even though I “think” I’ve change it in the install and Admin.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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