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  • I have a simple question.

    I would like to modify the WooCommerce Breadcrumbs from what I have currently:
    “Home > Products > XYZ”

    to what I would like it to be:

    “Home > Shop > XYZ”

    I would like to change the title of “Products” to “Shop”.
    Does anyone know where I go to change this?
    I’m using Genesis Themes with Yoast SEO.

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  • Hi, I think you have to look in your pages for a page called “Products” and rename it to “Shop”, then go to the WooCommerce / Settings / Products tab and set the Shop page dropdown to “Shop”.

    Under the WooCommerce / Settings / Products tab, it is already set to “Shop” yet it still says Products in the breadcrumbs. I even tried changing the breadcrumb title for the page via Yoast SEO plugin under the advanced tab.

    Hi, Could be there are two sets of breadcrumbs, one is class=”breadcrumb” from your theme and the other is class=”woocommerce-breadcrumb” from WooCommerce. Don’t know if I’m looking at the right page on your site but it looks like the WooCommerce breadcrumbs are turned off.

    I don’t think it is because of that. One of the breadcrumbs is from Yoast SEO while the other is from WooCommerce. Both of which Even with only WooCommerce enabled, I still had issues being able to change “Products” text. I’ve turned off the Yoast SEO breadcrumbs for now and it still says Products in the breadcrumbs.

    Not sure if you still need the answer to this, but it may help someone else:

    Go to ‘SEO’ > ‘Titles & Metas’ > ‘Post Types’, then under ‘Custom Post Type Archives’, the ‘Products’ section has a field for ‘Breadcrumbs Title’.

    You may need to switch on Breadcrumbs though to see this field: ‘SEO’ > ‘Internal Links’ and ‘Enable Breadcrumbs’.

    Hi all!
    crdunst, this actually worked, but… I’m using WPML to manage the website in 3 languages. After adding this breadcrumbs title, i see it in string translation, translate it… But i just see the “Shop” for all the languages… Translations are not working somewhy…

    I’m not familiar with WPML I’m afraid; whenever I create multilingual sites I use a multi-site approach, so each language is a separate website within one network. If you had used a multisite approach, you’d be able to edit the string on a per site/language basis.

    I’ve also used this in the past: to pick up odds and ends with translation – give that a try on top of WPML

    Hi, thnx for your reply.
    I tried to use translation plugin ICanLocalize, which i usually use on sites, that just need to be translated to a different language, but it had no use on this one.
    I’m confused :/ I can translate the Homepage slug in breadcrumbs, but the Shop….. wooh…

    Hi, thanks @crdunst your solution helped me out!
    For @semibur, I’m stuck with a similar problem – WPML does not seem to pick up the strings for translation. Have you checked with wpml support?

    Hi guys, another thing you could consider is hooking into the breadcrumb to modify it yourself.

    See the answer here:

    Using that function in your functions.php, and then using different conditionals in the if() statement to check for language, you could amend the breadcrumb perhaps.

    @crdunst Thanks for the answer, but unfortunately I’m not proficient enough in coding to be able to do it

    I’ve found the string to translate, if you look into WPML/translation management/Multilingual Content Setup/admin string to translate/[plugin: woocommerce-multilingual] wpseo_internallinks/translate (I use woocommerce multilingual with WPML and WooCommerce) it brings you to the strings to translate. But once translated the string does not appear translated in the breadcrumbs although the slug is correctly translated. I’ve opened a ticket with WPML support, hopefully they will have an answer

    Thanks @crdunst on #6.

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