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    A while ago, I had finally figured out how to get my WordPress up on my own. Within a few hours, I was tinkering with the settings and learning what I could do, when I pressed some option, I probably shouldn’t have.

    From there, I couldn’t figure how to get back in and toggle that option off and eventually gave up for a bit.

    Now, I’m looking at the problem again and decided to just try and reinstall WordPress as I had nothing I had wanted to save.

    I followed some instructions to delete the sftp files off of my filezilla, so I went there, clicked on the main/top/root folder and hit delete, expecting everything to be wiped clean, so I could simply drag and drop the WordPress folder.

    That didn’t work and I was still left with many extra (?) folders and files and can’t figure out what to do with them.

    Then I went and decided to delete my database and create a new one.
    I just added a new database on my Nearly Free Speech phpMyAdmin and found that my username is still under Priveleges, so I don’t think I have to do anything there.

    I’m not quite sure what steps to take next or if I have to rectify any mistakes I may have made.

    *I would also like to mention that my host, Nearly Free Speech, is a host and nothing more. They do not do services and cannot help my case.

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  • You need to actually delete all of the files on the server. Using Filezilla, just highlight everything (or use ctrl-a to select all) and then hit the delete key. You should get a prompt asking if you’re sure; say yes. Then follow the steps here to install WordPress:


    Hello Jess-

    I got the prompt and clicked yes a while ago and it’s still going, which is an issue I had before. Nothing is really being deleted, which tells me that there’s some sort of issue. I see a lot of activity and also a lot of failures. I have recreated a database, so I’m wondering if this is the problem. Or if there are hidden files that are not letting me delete?

    Since there is so much activity, it won’t let me scroll and see what is there, but I am still seeing this under remote site:


    the rest I can’t currently see, but it goes on for a while.

    If anyone has a bit more experience with Filezilla or other clients and what this could mean, I would love to know!

    Or perhaps there’s another way to wipe everything?

    Oh, those aren’t WordPress files. You can’t delete those because your host requires them to be there, for things like email and other functions.

    Your WordPress files should live inside the folder labeled “home.” There may be a few files in there that won’t let you delete them, but there should only be a few.

    Thanks so much, Jess! Everything’s up and running, and I’m learning for next time.

    Glad to hear it!

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