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  • Maybe I’m having a total brain fart here…but where can I set upload paths and options like file types and sizes? This new upload setup is just shy of silly.

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  • I don’t think it’s possible…

    yup… you can’t…thats why the new upload thing sucks compared to the old version…

    Wow…that’s lame. Seriously…the setup of the new upload in 2.0 alone will keep me from upgrading any live sites until it’s improved.

    There is no options setting for it, but you can alter the upload path:

    For the rest, I’m still investigating the wp_handle_upload() function (in admin-functions.php), it’s $overrides argument, and its $mimes array (some input on this from more experienced PHP’ers is welcome). Ah, gotta love having settings get ten times harder…

    Get hold of the IImage Browser plugin.

    I still prefer it for managing my images.

    Yeah, I think I’ll go back as well to that plugin.

    So that’s why I can’t find the the upload options? They were REMOVED?

    It took me a lot of searching to find this answer. Maybe because I find it so hard to belive…

    I wrote a plugin that restores the old upload features.

    THANK YOU, filosofo. You are my IDOL. I was about ready to switch from wordpress because of the new upload mess. and it is a MESS. Hate!It!

    Seriously, you deserve a noble prize right about now…

    Why not just upload the older wp-admin/”options-misc.php” file into the wp-admin directory? It works just fine on my Blog running 2.0.


    hello spencerp,

    very good idea which worked for me, i am totally new to the blogging scene.

    thanks again


    No problem mutahir. =) There has been tons of posts regarding this, and I know the “moderators” and or developers are saying it’s easier and far more upgraded with the new feature, but really for most ppl, they are lost. Because they are so used to the original way of doing it.

    And some just can’t view or get the new feature working right in their browsers. For me however, it don’t take me long to learn this new stuff persay lol! But, glad I could help ya… =)


    hello spencerp,

    i now have one more question….:)
    I upload them fine and they are going in /wp-content/uploads and categorized date wise.

    but when i try to use the image browser plugin it gives me problem saying something like it can’t find the .php file.

    i deactivated the plugin and i am just happy that its atleast uploading 🙂

    so this means, that when they are being uploaded properly, all i need now is to correctly link them in my posts in order for the images to display, isn’t it ?

    Sorry i am a newbie to all of the blogging scene and thats why i have configured it on my home machine to see how it works before signing up for a hosting service.


    PS : if you can have a look at my blog and leave a comment just for me to see if everything is ok….and any experienced advise.

    mutahir, yeah most likely that plugin was made for WordPress version 2.0. And won’t be “including” that file I told you to use. So it “wouldn’t or shouldn’t” be trying to call it up. So turning the plugin off, should be ok.

    As for adding the images to a post, I usually just manually upload all my “set width” images to an image folder and then click on the “add image” to the post option, in the Write Post page. I like to set my images to a certain width ahead of time, that way I know it won’t mess up my template.

    “all i need now is to correctly link them in my posts in order for the images to display, isn’t it ?”

    So as long as you know where the image is at, you should be fine now… =) Just add the images to the post using the URL or location of the images.

    An Example Say:


    Hope this helps.. =)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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