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  • Hi All


    I changed hosting companies and I am moving some sites with WordPress on them. I exported the database using phpAdmin in a SQL format and a XML format.


    What I am trying to do is:

    a)Install WordPress on the new server (This works fine, give me my password etc)

    b)Then go to my phpMyAdmin and import the tables and data that I exported earlier into the new database. When I go back to my new WordPress installation and refresh it asks me to upgrade database and when I do my password given earlier does not work nor does it recognise my email to send me a new password.

    Basically I am trying to import the data from my old wordpress intallation using eith the xml or sql into my new setup.


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  • You are probably having an issue with the users table being imported from the other site, the wp-options table being imported from the other site, and your wp-config file having different hash salts than your old site.

    I would suggest using the WordPress export/import functionality or following the instructions here

    If you need some more help or are running into any troubles with those steps, feel free to reply here.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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