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    I think we all know that as helpful as the support forums are in some ways, in other ways there’s much to be desired. As we will be doing some work on improving this summer, let’s hear your suggestions for how we can improve the support experience here on Thanks!

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  • @thanks, never see the button since i’m just answering questions rarely posting them. Seems in my history most of them never mark themself as resolved.

    Moderator tool: “Create FAQ from resolved post.” when setting a post to resolved, will bring up a form that the moderator can create a faq from the post to automate the process a little for the faqs (if decide to do a faq system).

    I definitely agree that a lot of questions/issues are repeated, and that finding better ways of resolving those issues will help pare down the number of repetitive support requests/posts.

    Is a FAQ the best way to go? Or perhaps better integration with the Codex?

    I think that, if the tagging system could be improved, a support team could apply Pareto to resolved issues, and use that information to improve existing Codex entries or to write new ones. Also, “popular” (i.e. repetitive) support topics could be made “sticky” posts, to help draw attention to already-answered questions/already-resolved issues.

    Perhaps an interstitial layer could be added upon submission of a new support thread (much like many support-ticket systems), in which the support requester is presented with a list of resources (other support threads, Codex entries, FAQ, whatever) based on the text and tags of the support request. If those resources enable the support requester to resolve his issue (or answer his question), the new support post isn’t submitted.

    Seems in my history most of them never mark themself as resolved.

    That could be seen as an education issue, or the fact people don’t take the time to respond, even if it means just clicking on that pull-down.

    1. User settable password with better/longer cookie
    2. Email notification
    3. Resolve or equivalent status when OP does not respond, so we can scan the summary (of watched list) or search results to figure out status

    Extended search functions

    I am not sure if the WordPressMU forums will stick around. But if they do, could you change the search results? When you search now, you get a list of topics – but each one starts with “WordPress MU › WordPress MU Forums › ” — then some of the topic is shown, but truncated.

    There’s no need for “WordPress MU › WordPress MU Forums › “

    See it in action here:

    Also, please allow us to sort by date when we search.

    Opt in Email notifications would make my day.

    Opt-in email notifications would be great, also having the plugin author notified whenever there’s a new topic started on their plugin.

    @ Michael:

    Opt-in email notifications would be great, also having the plugin author notified whenever there’s a new topic started on their plugin.

    Email notification of new plugin support forum topics would be great. In the meantime, you know that plugin support forums have RSS feeds, right?

    (I know; it’s a pain to subscribe to each one, especially if one has a lot of hosted plugins.)

    So, related idea:

    Meta-RSS feed for all of a plugin developer’s plugin support forums.


    as I regularly provide support for my plugins here, I’d like to weigh in with those feature requests that really would make my (and probably others) work much easier:

    • Allow someone to edit and/or remove tags that other people added to a post (especially bugging: typos and irrelevant tags).
    • Let people other than the original thread started close a thread as resolved (or even duplicate or …).


    Email subscriptions for threads and the ability for a plugin author to mark a thread about his plugin as resolved.

    One small detail that would help is if posts that were marked as “sticky”, “closed”, or “resolved” didn’t show up in the No Replies view. It’d be handy to not see those when I’m looking for questions to answer.

    I’m looking forward to the email notification that I assume is coming when the forums are upgraded to bbPress 1.0.3?

    It would be sweet if I could set it up to automatically subscribe me to any thread I post on. Right now i am adding every post to my favorites manually and subscribing to that in my RSS reader. What I’d really like is an RSS feed that just automatically included every thread I posted to.

    I think the modlook tag is too obscure, making an actual button that added this tag would be great. Even better would be a few tags/buttons for spam, double-post, OMG BBQ, etc…

    We definitely need to encourage more people to get involved. I try to answer at least one question every day, but it pains me to see so many questions go unanswered.

    Anything that could be done to silo the different forums more. I mostly stick to answering questions about themes, and wading through plugin dev and end user questions can get to be a headache. But getting people to actually post in the right forum can be tough. Maybe some icons or pictograms? 🙂

    While we’re throwing out wild ideas, it would be neat if we could embed videos. Sometimes I have a hard time getting people to go and read documentation or a blog post. If there was a video clip right under their nose with the info they needed maybe it would be more effective.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    adding a “Remember Me” on login could be a great feature too…

    It’s there. You just have to know about it.

    Yes, it would be nice to have the box everywhere.

    Opt-in email notifications would be great, also having the plugin author notified whenever there’s a new topic started on their plugin.

    +1 for both of these ideas especially the plugin part.

    It would be nice to have a page where I can view a list of all threads tagged with a plugin name that I have uploaded to the directory. I hacked together a solution that works pretty well for the time being, but it would be great if provided this functionality for all plugin developers.

    Also, I would like to see better ordering of threads that I have replied to on my forum profile page. I would assume that I should see a list of threads sorted in descending order by “last active thread”. This only kinda works… I still find threads with newer replies on page 2 than on page one… there is|must be|could be|seems to be a ghost in the machine.

    Thanks for everything!

    Oh, one that would be a huge improvement to the profiles:

    Sort threads (by default, or optionally) by most recent replies, not by [profile-person’s] most recent replies (I hope that makes sense).

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