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  • (I took a bit of time to write this in the hopes of providing enough info and asking the right questions. Apologies if this is confusing)

    I am using the CCTM for a couple different custom content types, one of which has a multi-select field set up for providing options to display on each product (custom content type: product). Through the back end, our admins can click on checkboxes for what options are available in each product posted. Through php code in my single-product.php template, it is set to show a list item for each of the product options that are checked “on”. That way, only the product options which are available for a particular product show up and the rest are hidden.

    Within each product option that shows on that list, it needs corresponding images/text which will show up in a hidden div when that list item is clicked on. Sometimes our options are simple and need no explanation but others really need to offer a visual reference so our users know exactly what that option means.

    Rough example showing how it currently works. The colored boxes that are shown in this examples is essentially the place holder for that information box that can show/hide:

    Is there any way to create a custom content type (or a field within the custom content type ‘product’) that can handle this? Right now, the only way I can think to do it is create a seperate file with each tooltip’s html markup, and have that file called within functions.php or just within the relevant template files (such as single-product.php). Its an okay way to do it but I sure dont expect it to be the best way to do it. Is there any implementation within the CCTM plugin that might make this easier and that I have simply overlooked?

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