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  • nickalias


    Hello Anders,

    your Koji theme is brilliant and it perfectly suits for a lot of cases. I’m really appreciated to you for this job and hope that your efforts will be valued in all the forms :).

    As for theme itself, I think it perfectly realized as it was projected.

    I have only one question. Nowadays the Google is changing it’s own conditions and requirements, and sites can be successful in the nearest future only with full compliance of “Core Web Vitals”.

    One of these conditions is “Cumulative Layout Shift” (CLS), and the theme is seems to be out of it – by the reasons related to nice motion of the front page’s grid. I checked this parameter with the Koji theme on the different sites/ hosts/ conditions, but CLS always higher than accepted by Google (0.35…055, while since 0.1 it is recommended to improve, and since 0.25 it is “poor”). I mean testing with the PageSpeed Insights.

    Is it possible to resolve the issue? For example, by the switching off the nice visual floating effects?

    My regards,

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  • Theme Author Anders Norén


    Hi @nickalias,

    Glad you like it!

    I don’t think the high CLS value is due to the fade in of the posts, since that only changes they transform and opacity values of the previews – not their actual position in the page layout (see the page about animations and transitions). I think it’s due to the movement caused by the Masonry jQuery plugin that arrange the posts into the grid, which is sort of inherent to the structure of the theme. I don’t think I can meaningfully reduce the CLS value while using Masonry, so if a low CLS value is a must, I would recommend you to switch to a theme without Masonry or Isotope.

    — Anders

    Thread Starter nickalias


    Hi Anders!

    Thanks for the quick response!

    What a pity, I really like this theme… In all other aspects, it is simply gorgeous.

    Nevertheless, thanks for the answer, now I’m closer to understanding the situation.

    My regards,

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