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  • We are working on an image gallery like plugin and we want to rely on the built in media upload system to save us a lot of grief in re-inventing that wheel and we feel going through FTP is a bad experience for our users. However, we just did some benchmarking and found that it took far, far too long to upload images with the new media upload tool. Our plugin users will be uploading 200-500 images at once. When we tried doing the multiple image uploads in one go, it took about 30 min and only got through about 70 images. And we only do one image resize, not all 3 image sizes that are in the WP default. The image sizes varied from 300×200 to 800×600 – nothing huge or ridiculous by any means.

    I’d like to not require users to use FTP to upload their images and then process them. We built that method and were able to process 200 images or so in about 30-45 seconds. Most of the speed difference is that the user is not uploading the images here, they are already on the server.

    Is it the sheer volume of images we are trying to upload that overwhelms the new media upload? When we upload a couple images it takes forever still too.

    Are there any media upload hooks we can tie into to get rid of what WP does by default and use our processing script instead but have it look like the new media upload?

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