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  • I think that this automatic translation plugin using Google Translation is great:

    I am suggesting some more to be added on top of Google Translation feature, that is to accept manual translations from registered users of the blog.

    Provide a “Improve translation” link on each auto-translated page.

    Any visitor who is logged-in and registered on the blog can then edit the text of the post.

    By default a user’s manual improved translation will be shown instead of Google’s. But the Admin can disapprove of a manual translation. Blog Translators earn points for each manual translation they submit which is marked with a “Star” by other logged-in users and by the Admin. Higher ranked translator’s get their manual translation displayed by default infront of new users contributions. And could in term get money using Paypal in an automated way, both from the Admin and from other users who appreciate the good manual improved translations.

    When the manually translated version is displayed, there could be a “Translated by -username-” where the Username can have his URL as a link on the username.

    Next to it is a “Discard” icon grayed out. Registered users and the Admin can click on that to discard the manual contribution, reverse to Google Translation or to latest submitted manual translation. The submitter of this Discarded version will loose rank and his subsequent submittions might not even replace Google translations again.

    Next to it there is the grayed out star, which can be clicked on by registered users and the admin. Next to the star is the number of Starrings this manual translation has received by registered users or the admin. (the Admin and moderators could count as more than 1 vote)

    Next to it is “Google Translation” link. So if the visitor doesn’t like the Manual translated version, then that user can go back to the Google version, or just to check the difference in translation quality compared to manual version. There could be an advanced feature that shows (220/317, 69%) which would mean 220 words out of 317 are the same in the Google version compared to the manual version, that is 69% (thus this could mean the manual version has been improved 31% to be 100% a good translation)

    Flag icons should be highlighted with for example a green border when there is a Manual version that is available, and they should be highligted with red color when there is only the Google version available yet.

    The Translation bar should look like this in small font and only be displayed under the Title when it is a manual translation:

    Translated by username1 (number of star-ratings received by registered Admin/Mods/Translators) | username2-if-there-is-a-second-manual-version-available (number of stars received) | Google

    When a newly registered user submits a translation, that one is maybe not used by default until it has been reviewed by Giving it a star or Discarding/marking as spam by Admin/Mod/other translator ranked user. New registered users translation could put a yellow border around the flag in the sidebar, if that is the only manual version available. Previously ranked users contribution gets always priority infront of new users. If too many words differ from Google version or from previously submitted manual version, then the manual translation is also withheld and is not displayed by default before it has been reviewed in form of getting a star at least by a trusted ranked user.

    If someone knows how to implement this on top of the automatic Google Translation plugin, if you need money for your time, I am willing to donate some reasonable amount of money to pay for the development of this feature, as long as you credit me as the one who sponsored the development, contact me at

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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