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  • I’m running two WordPress blogs. One is version 3.1 and the other is version 3.5. I’ve never tried updating the v3.1 blog, especially after all the problems I had with trying to update the v3.5 one. Last time I tried it, something got hung up really bad and the whole blog became inaccessible. It would still display fine, but I was unable to log in. It generated the same log-in error whenever I did. Finally I got it unstuck using another means of logging into it that I hadn’t tried before. It had something to do with this site, but I don’t recall the specifics anymore.

    Neither of these blogs are heavily modified. I’m using fairly simple skins, I don’t run a lot of plugins, and the skins haven’t been tweaked that much. You can see the two blogs at the following URLs:

    This is the v3.1 blog:

    And this is the v3.5 blog:

    I’ve looked around here but I wasn’t able to find anything specific to improving my chances for a successful install here. If there is an article or section of articles on this topic, could you point the way please? And if there isn’t, got any advice? I really don’t want to repeated the problems I had with the v3.5 one.

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  • There are two things that WordPress updating can mess up:

    1.) Your theme, which might not be compatible with the version of WordPress you are updating to
    2.) Your active plugins, for the same reason

    I would personally suggest creating a test installation of WordPress, running the latest version. Then, on that installation, try installing and activating all the plugins and themes you are using on the sites you are upgrading.

    If everything works fine, then you should be safe to update your WordPress on original sites.

    P.S. Database and files backup is always recommended, so that you can easily restore things how they were if anything bad happens

    Thanks for the response. Yeah, I learned my lesson from the problems I had before. I didn’t back up the databases or the files.

    Creating a test installation is a good idea. Only takes a few minutes. My hosting service might not have the latest version — this has happened before. All the more reason to run the test though, I suppose.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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