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  • Hello,

    First and foremost thank you for the amazing job you all guys are doing.

    I would like to submit a feature tweak request for then new post Add Media (image uploaded)

    I would like to see in the Media Library that by default show the “Uploaded to this post” image. This will speed up a bit the load of the Add Media feature, plus in my experience I spend most of the time uploading more images than I am reusing the same image.

    Also I would like to suggest All media items, Uploaded to this post, Images, Audio and Videos to be in a horizontal navigation menu instead of drop down menu.

    I consider myself a heavy WordPress users and I didn’t notice these drop down menu until a few days back.


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  • If I might also throw in some suggestions…

    It would be nice if we could have categories for images. I run a site used by news reporters that uploaded hundreds of images a day (even up to several thousand on a busy news day).

    We stress re-using images where possible, but its extremely difficult to browse for images without categories. We’ve had some success with the search, but again you have to actively put keywords in the title and/or description to make that useful. The ability to use the category system with images would make things so much easier.

    Additionally, a lot of times we need to update a graphic that has already been used in dozens or hundreds of posts. At the moment we’re using a plugin that allows us to replace an existing image, but shouldn’t that be built-in to WordPress?

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