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  • Good afternoon Thomas,

    Firstly, thank you for developing such a great plugin. I’ve left a review to help.

    I’d like to ask if it would be possible to add a couple more datalayer fields/options to the plugin which I think would be helpful for those with an ecommerce store.

    Firstly, for all variable products, having a price range value would be helpful. Ideally, an array, and a separate minimum/maxiumum price variable.

    Secondly, for all products, a product category/categories field would be helpful as an array, and a separate field as ‘Parent Category’.

    Thirdly, I notice that on variable product pages, that the product name is not displayed until after the variable fields have been selected. It would be of great help to have the ecommerce.detail.products array populated with available fields (.name, .category) prior to the variable fields being selected.

    As an additional note, I also remember within the plugin settings ‘Integration > WooCommerce’ that you have checkboxes for ‘Track classic e-commerce’ and ‘Track enhanced e-commerce’, these I believe should be either radio fields or a drop down menu, as having them both checkboxes can allow the user to check both, which for me as a first time user, was quite confusing. Perhaps they can both be checked with no ill effects, in which case the ‘Track enhanced e-commerce’ field should maybe be labelled, ‘ALSO track enhanced e-commerce features’ or something similar. Just a thought.

    Lastly, might I suggest that you change your ‘donate to this plugin’ button on your WordPress plugin page to a link that takes users to a dedicated page so they can make a donation. Taking it to the homepage of your website (with no links to a donation page!) makes it hard for people to give you a donation 😉


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