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  • Hi,

    When can we expect an update for this plugin ?

    I have some small improvements to suggest :

    1. Please put a proper select list to choose themes from, now it’s a pain.
    2. Please add visible scrollbars to the editor, so we would know how big the file is and where we are in it.
    3. Please let us toggle off the file browser, so we can have the editor on all width of the screen.
    4. Please add the number of rows at the top of the editor.
    5. Would be great if you can find a better syntax compiler, that also is able to look into the classes we create and suggest methods on autocomplete(could be triggered on ‘->’), and also perform better checks of variable names and scope etc.
    6. A way to have a console output or to view a log file opened below the editor.
    7. When I try to close a file that is not modified it complains that it is modified, because there is another file opened that it is. It should not do this, since I am closing a not modified file.
    8. Auto-closing brackets

    Best Regards

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  • Plugin Author shanept


    Hi retetecugust,

    1. This is a work in progress. There will soon be a proper settings page for the editor.
    2. I’ll need more clarification on this one. I have scrollbars in my editor on Linux and Windows, both in Chrome. What OS are you on? What browser are you using?
    3. This will be a feature of the full-screen editor soon, and will probably be a feature of the normal editor.
    4. Maybe on the bottom, however it isn’t something I’ve currently considered. I’ll keep it in mind, however I currently have a lot in progress on the editor.
    5. That’s unfortunately not something I’ll be able to do. The actual text editor view is called Ace (hence the name of the plugin is AceIDE). I do not believe this to be a feature of Ace. I will look into this further, however I don’t think it is currently possible.
    6. There are currently other plugins that specifically provide access to view logs. I think this would do more harm than good, cluttering up the workspace. However I’ll keep it in mind, maybe with a setting to enable/disable it.
    7. I’ll look into that, it’s definitely not the intended behaviour.
    8. This is a feature of Ace, and it will be a setting you can enable soon when the settings page is complete.

    If you could get back to me in regards to point 2 with your OS and browser info, that would be great.

    I hope you otherwise have enjoyed using the plugin.
    Thanks for your contribution!

    Kind Regards,
    Shane Thompson

    Thread Starter retetecugust


    Hi Shane,

    I am enjoying using your plugin every day and it is a big help, I am really happy to hear you are working on improvements.

    For point 2 : I am using Safari, latest update on a MAC OS Sierra, latest version.I do not see any scrollbars although I can scroll with mouse or mousepad. I could send you a print-screen, but here i can’t see a way to add one.

    Best Regards,

    Missing Safari scrollbars seems to be a often reported issue, and the fix given is always the same:
    System Preferences > General, then set “Show scroll bars” to “Always”.
    This works with other apps but I still can’t see them in ACE. However they do work if you imagine where they should be, so maybe its just that they are white on white so a css issue. I do get visible scrollbars in the WP page editor, so this seems specific to ACE.
    (Tested with Sierra 10.12.6 (latest) + Safari 11.0)

    Thread Starter retetecugust



    About scrollbars : It seems to be an Ace problem that is solved by adding this into css :

    .ace_scrollbar-inner {
    background-color: white;
    opacity: 0.01;

    So please add this to the next release.

    Best Wishes

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