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  • 1. After you’ve been remove “add_filter(‘gettext’, array($this, ‘removePublished’), 10, 3);”, you should also remove empty space above date in date column:

    .post-type-log_emails_log .date br {
        display: none;

    2. View email action should popup instead of opening new page for better experience. Take a look at
    You will be able to show such popups through ajax request.

    3. On site with thousands email plugins goes crazy. I think because of sql request for every single post. Maybe it would be better to store data in post_meta, for example 50 emails in a single post_meta. That would be much quick and less to load data. Otherwise, you should create separate db table at least for to not dump main posts table.

    4. Plugin called “Log Emails” has not it’s name in admin menu “Email Logs”. Also, the settings input field should be on main log’s page. It’s very confusing to get separate page just for one input.

    5. There is strange filter above the log entries near to “All” called “My”. There is no need in such filters since all email are sending via wp_mail.

    6. “From” field doesn’t work properly. It doesn’t handle localhost and shows “cooked-up” (No Reply etc.) sender instead of real (gmail etc.).

    7. Maybe need some export button (for bulk action also).

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  • 8. There is no ability to sort log list by Subject or Recipients.

    9. There is no ability to search by recipient email.

    10. There is no ability to group emails by subject. It’s very important because of usage in case of hundred auto emails sent to inform status, some short information about account and so on..

    Please, add some features that you can.
    Thank you!

    11. If the Recipient is an existing author, would be great to add such column in log list with use name or id.

    Plugin Author webaware


    G’day esemlabel,

    Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll review them when I’m next working on the plugin.


    Another small, buu usefull feature is to able to change a word ‘password’, that preg_replace to ‘*** password redacted ***’ in body, because of different translation in other languages than English (class.LogEmailsPlugin.php). User may want to change it to anyelse.

    Also, keep in mind that it doesn’t catch difference in words and links, so admin links like for ex. ‘/action=reset_password&key=somekey..’ are become hidden too. It is way wrong.

    Plugin Author webaware


    G’day esemlabel,

    Thanks for you suggestions. Sorry that I didn’t get through them this release, I just ran out of time and needed to get the security fix out. I still intend to work through your suggestion list when I can.

    Thanks for these additional suggestions, I’ll flag those as high priority so that they get implemented next.


    Another small issue:
    – when you open a post for edit, that was deleted right before (for ex. deleted by another user or in frontend), you will catch error:

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in \log-emails\includes\class.LogEmailsPostTypeLog.php on line 34

    Maybe you need additional check insted “$typenow = $post->post_type;”

    !empty( $post ) ? $typenow = $post->post_type : return;

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